The Tools You Need To Achieve The Perfect Nail Art

It is so satisfying to see videos online where girls do their own nails beautifully and flawlessly. Those designs aren’t achieved by freehand drawing. Just like makeup or any forms of art, there are tools you need to create a superb result. The nail art in the videos make us want to do our own nails, but what tools are needed for it? What is it called? How do you use it?


Nail Polish Correcting Pen

Everyone makes mistakes, even pros. It’s all about what you do about it so you could get back on track. This helps clean up mistakes on your nail bed giving off a professional finish. It has a precision tip doused in polish remover to easily erase any mistakes along the walls of your nails.


Striping Tape

If you’re crazy for stripes, then you should definitely have this on your mani-pedi kit. These thin tapes may be applied to your nails if you want, but it could also just be guides for you to create flawless stripes into your nail art. The stripes design is great for those who want to rock a minimalist look in their nails.



To get different artsy effects on the nails, the sponge is your best friend. Grab that extra sponge from your makeup kit and use it to get that ombre spongey, splatter or stone-type effect. This is very affordable to buy and can easily be found in almost every drugstore or in the makeup section.


Nail Art Brushes

Similar to makeup brushes, nail art also have their own set of brushes for designing. There’s a striper brush, fan brush, angled brush and seven other brushes (see photo below).  This will help you achieve perfect strokes and effects in your nail art, as well as help you draw finer strokes for more intricate designs. If you don’t want a complete set, you’re good with just a striper brush and just improvise on the others.


Dotter Tool

The polka dots design is another common nail art design that girls go for. In order to make flawless dots on your nails, you could seek help from a dotter tool. It comes in different dot sizes for variation in your design.


Transfer Foil

This creates an edgy and cool design for your nails. What you have to do is to paint your nails first with your desired base color and let it dry. After that, apply clear glue on top and then press and pull the tape away.  For an edgy finish, pull the tape away quickly, leaving behind perfectly imperfect traces of foil on your nails


Loose Glitter, Studs, Pearls, Beads, Rhinestones

For 3D effects and a pop up look, make use of these embellishment tools. It adds and edge to your nails and makes anyone make a double head turn when they see your nails. You can get them at any craft stores.


Nail Stamper, Scraper and Stamping Plates

If you’ve seen some nail art videos, you probably know how to use this. It’s pretty easy. Just apply nail polish over the design on the plate you want to use, scrape off excess nail polish, and put the rubber side of your stamper over the design and onto your nails. That’s it! This also perfect for those who are too lazy to use draw or use tapes and embellishments.

If you can’t find these in pop up stores or in malls, you can always check out online shops and have it delivered to your door. All these will surely help you achieve whatever nail art you want on your nails.  So what are you waiting for? It’s time to shop for nail art tools and search for nail art ideas!

Health Fitness: Your diet could change the world’s progress

Diet— Upon hearing those 4 letter-word, most people would negatively react about it, because their understanding about diet is to restrict them self from eating delicious food, but it is not though.

The true definition of diet is to monitor the food intake of a person that is should be equally balanced as what his body needs and it varies actually. For example, if your body needs a large amount of energy, because you burn calories very fast as you are the athlete-type of person, then you’ll be eating protein and a little of carbohydrates, but no restrictions. You can still eat sweets and those foods that the body craves, as long as there is limitation.

Now, let us go on to why our diet matters in our climate today. Interesting right? Ready yourself as the revelations might let you fall into your seat.

What is served in our plate greatly affects the changing climate of the earth. Roughly 25% of the unpredictable weather is the result of the choice of our daily habit of diet we intake in our daily life.

Frankly speaking, the impact is more greater than the cars’ combustion pipes. True to all that people thinks that even if they care about our climates’ change, they feel hopeless about what, how and where to start. I agree to this though, but I know this is the perfect medium to start though.

Those ribeye steak that is frequently present on your dining table is actually omitting 330 grams of carbon dioxide which is equivalent of driving for 3 miles on the roadway. See? You are just sitting and then you are already producing this toxic gas.

Now, if you would eat the alternative one, which the chicken well you’ll be omitting for only 52 grams and that is actually thrice the drop of the produced gas, then the fish that only has 40 grams.

The healthier your diet is, the lesser you are omitting carbon dioxide. Furthermore, veggies can even decrease the carbon content your diet are producing. Why is that only the livestock has the greatest amount of greenhouse emission and the rest is not? Well, actually poultry and the other meats, tare producing for at least 14% of carbon dioxide and this alone is equivalent to the omitted  toxic gas by the combined vehicles including the planes, cars, motorcycles and many more.

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