The Philippines economy has been constantly rising and the outsourcing industry has been one of the pushing forces that made its growth possible. In fact, most of the Filipinos in the outsourcing industry enjoy a more suitable career and higher compensations compared to average salary range.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is transferring parts of a business administrative or productive process from in-house to an independent company. An outsourcing company is usually located outside the clients’ country. One good example is when Canadian companies choose to outsource their technical support services in the Philippines.

Why Foreign Companies Outsource in the Philippines?


One of the most popular reasons foreign companies outsource in the Philippines is Filipino’s English communication skills. Add a top that Filipinos can easily learn other languages and have the ability to mask their accent. Call centers in the Philippines can now offer customer service in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish languages.

Furthermore, Filipinos have been studying the English language since the formative education years. Add to that, English has been a major part in the country’s curriculum.

Another reason Canadians like to outsource in the Philippines is the cheaper services yet high-quality results. The cost of living in the Philippines is cheaper. This means that the cost of hiring just one expert in the US/Canada can be the same cost as hiring a team of experts in the Philippines.

The low service costs are just perfect for startups and small businesses who have more limited resources and capital compared to their bigger counterparts.

There are a lot of outsourcing services that you can get in the Philippines. The most outsourced services are call centers, IT services, search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, and virtual assistants.

Any type of business can greatly benefit from the outsourcing industry. This industry is only seen t grow more in the coming years giving more opportunities to client companies and the outsourcing employees.

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A financial dilemma can make any person suffer. This dilemma will bring you stress and will even cause you to lash out at your friends and family. Yet, financial emergencies cannot be totally avoided. It’s something that you cannot control but somehow, the effect can be mitigated.

Whenever something happens, you can always apply for a personal loan. Getting this type of loan is easy, but you need to apply the right strategies in managing it. Without proper strategies, you’d have a hard time repaying the loan.

How can you manage your personal loan efficiently? You can start with these following tactics:

Create a Financial Log

A good personal loan borrower knows how to track all sources of income and expenses. This is a great and timeless technique that will benefit you for the coming years. To do this, you just need a small notebook or organizer. You can even use an app to serve as your financial log.

Evernote is a good app because it will let you make as many notes as possible and you can synchronize it across different devices. Feel free to make your financial log as detailed as possible.

List Down All Information Points About the Loan

One of the many problems of a personal loan borrower is defaulting on payment. There are many reasons why this is happening but a common one is informational neglect. If you forget important points about your personal loan, you’d miss payments and this can lead to huge penalties and additional fees. List down all things about the lender and your cash loan. Put it in your financial log so you can have a coherent battle plan.

Negotiate with Your Creditor

More often than not, it’s helpful to communicate openly with your lender. This way, you’ll know if interest and fees will go up, and the lending company will think that you’re really proactive. If you won’t be able to settle a monthly payment, don’t escape. Explain the situation to your lender and you may even have a leeway.

Reading all about the tactics doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful in managing your personal loan. As much as possible, you need to be committed in applying the personal loan management techniques. Jot down your progress so you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses. At first, it’ll be tedious but it’s a good leap for your future. Remember, missing out your loan payments will put you in a compromised financial position.

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Diet— Upon hearing those 4 letter-word, most people would negatively react about it, because their understanding about diet is to restrict them self from eating delicious food, but it is not though.

The true definition of diet is to monitor the food intake of a person that is should be equally balanced as what his body needs and it varies actually. For example, if your body needs a large amount of energy, because you burn calories very fast as you are the athlete-type of person, then you’ll be eating protein and a little of carbohydrates, but no restrictions. You can still eat sweets and those foods that the body craves, as long as there is limitation.

Now, let us go on to why our diet matters in our climate today. Interesting right? Ready yourself as the revelations might let you fall into your seat.

What is served in our plate greatly affects the changing climate of the earth. Roughly 25% of the unpredictable weather is the result of the choice of our daily habit of diet we intake in our daily life.

Frankly speaking, the impact is more greater than the cars’ combustion pipes. True to all that people thinks that even if they care about our climates’ change, they feel hopeless about what, how and where to start. I agree to this though, but I know this is the perfect medium to start though.

Those ribeye steak that is frequently present on your dining table is actually omitting 330 grams of carbon dioxide which is equivalent of driving for 3 miles on the roadway. See? You are just sitting and then you are already producing this toxic gas.

Now, if you would eat the alternative one, which the chicken well you’ll be omitting for only 52 grams and that is actually thrice the drop of the produced gas, then the fish that only has 40 grams.

The healthier your diet is, the lesser you are omitting carbon dioxide. Furthermore, veggies can even decrease the carbon content your diet are producing. Why is that only the livestock has the greatest amount of greenhouse emission and the rest is not? Well, actually poultry and the other meats, tare producing for at least 14% of carbon dioxide and this alone is equivalent to the omitted  toxic gas by the combined vehicles including the planes, cars, motorcycles and many more.

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